Initial Consultation


1-1.5 Hours

Follow Up Consultations


30-45 Minutes

Extended Follow Up Consultations


45-60 Minutes

About Our Consultations

Your initial consultation will take approximately 1-1 Ā½ hours. Consultations can be conducted face to face, or online using tools such as zoom or face time. Please bring any recent blood tests or other tests relevant to your appointment. I will take a comprehensive medical, dietary and lifestyle history. I will then spend time considering your case carefully to develop a treatment plan that may involve recommendations for changes to diet and lifestyle. It may also involve herbal medicine and or nutritional supplements if they are needed. While some recommendations will be made at the time of the initial consultation in a simple case, where a case is more complicated a thorough treatment plan will be discussed at a follow-up visit after I have more thoroughly examined the case.

When you return we will go through all these recommendations which may include referrals to other medical and health practitioners where it is appropriate.

Subsequent consultations normally take 30 to 45 minutes, or can be extended up to an hour if needed.

Consultations, either face to face or on-line areĀ available on Tuesday and Thursday.

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