Naturopathy is a natural health modality which aims to improve overall health, prevent disease, and treat health concerns through nutritionally sound diet choices, exercise, balanced lifestyle and the use of treatments from other complementary areas such herbal therapies, flower essences, aromatherapy etc.  Naturopaths try to find the cause of the problem rather than just treating symptoms, then harness and maximise the body’s own natural healing ability to achieve good health.

A Naturopathic appointment normally starts with a full case history to get a thorough background picture of your overall health and lifestyle, and family health history. A naturopath will always try to identify and establish the underlying causes/reasons for your health concerns. A treatment protocol will then be tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Naturopathic treatment plans may involve removing or minimizing these triggers or causes through various methods. Dietary changes may involve avoiding or eliminating certain foods and /or increasing intake of other foods such as fresh, raw fruits, vegetables, wholegrains, seeds and nuts, and lean meats and fish as necessary. Nutritional supplements, herbal medicines and other complementary remedies may be included where required; and lifestyle modifications such as relaxation methods, work life balance, exercise and recreation will also be addressed. Certain topical treatments may also be recommended.

Finally a good naturopath is always aware that the health and safety of the client is paramount. Therefore it may be necessary at times to recommend that the client visit other medical practitioners and /or health professionals for diagnosis, tests and treatment where the patient’s presenting symptoms are considered beyond the scope of practice of the Naturopath.